Essay on Children and Morality during the Holocaust

Essay on Children and Morality during the Holocaust

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During World War II and the Holocaust, morality collapsed. It was no longer easy to differentiate between what was good and what was evil. With a world filled with starvation, dehumanization, and dictatorship, Jewish children had a rough life. They were not free to run away and play; instead they were either in hiding or a camp. The three sources that will be analyzed in this essay demonstrate how the Jews and Gentiles risked their lives to help save innocent Jewish children.
One Jew who risked his life helping orphans was Yanush Korczak. Yanush Korczak was born on July 22, 1878 in Warsaw. Ever since he was young, he had a passion for helping the disadvantaged. In 1912, he created a Jewish orphanage called Dom Sierot. He also was a pediatrician and author. He became well known in the Polish society and gained many friendships. He had yearly visits to Palestine and truly believed all Jews should live in Palestine. When the Germans occupied Poland in 1939, the Warsaw ghetto was established. As a result, the orphanage was moved inside the ghetto. A child in the same situation as the orphans, Rachel Kruger, wrote poetry in the Warsaw Ghetto.
Rachel Kruger wrote this poem called “Untitled”:
I cry but no one hear's me
I live in fear alone
I'm scared
I don't know if I'll live to see tomorrow
and if I do
I'll thank God for it.
When I wake up from this horrible dream
I will live in freedom.
Maybe I'll be in heaven but anywhere is
heaven to me now I see dark shadows moving across
at night if this is life than its not worth living.

Rachel Kruger writes about all of her emotions. She is sad and in fear. This poem describes how most other children were feeling d...

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