Essay on Childhood Vaccines Are Not Necessary

Essay on Childhood Vaccines Are Not Necessary

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Everyone has their own opinion, and opinions are never wrong, but should people’s opinions be more important than the health of others? Childhood vaccines has always been an ongoing debate, whether it’s a myth about vaccines triggering a mental illness or just people saying that they are unnatural and unsafe. The majority of children are vaccinated, but there are still a handful that are not. Although some may feel that childhood vaccines are not necessary, the reality is that all children should get vaccinated for protection.
Vaccines have been around since 1796 with many updates to older versions (“Vaccines Required” 3).
There are many reasons why parents opt out of vaccinating children: religious views, old myths about triggering a mental reaction in children, and simply not believing that they actually help protect children (just to name a few). A CNN’s digital correspondent, Kelly Wallace, stated her feelings of uncertainty on vaccinating her first daughter nine years ago. “When I had my first daughter nearly nine years ago,..., I was irrationally worried about my child 's safety. I closely followed online discussions about most parenting decisions, so I was well aware of that now infamous report, which claimed to find a link between autism and what we call the MMR vaccine (it stands for measles, mumps and rubella)” (Kelly Wallace 1). One of the many myths is that vaccines can trigger a mental reaction, but has been proven false many times over the years. Many also feel that the government should not intervene in their medical choices as parents. Ron Paul, a former US Representative, stated in the Oct. 19, 2011 article, Government Vaccines – Bad Policy, Bad Medicine, "Intimately personal medical decisions should not be made ...

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...released an article about what would happen if people would stop getting vaccinated and how the almost eradicated diseases can be easily spread. One of the points that they brought up is how all it takes is one unvaccinated person to spread a single viruses to many others (What Would Happen 1). This article describes how easy the almost eradicated viruses could make a come back if the majority of parents choose not to vaccinate their children. Opposers of vaccinating may feel that their decision will not make a huge difference because not a lot of people choose their option, but that is not the case as proven the number of outbreaks of diseases that were that to be almost non existent. By vaccinating children, it could continue to help decrease the number of cases involving disease preventable vaccines and eventually the U.S. may see more diseases become eradicated.

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