Childhood Summers Essay

Childhood Summers Essay

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Sitting peacefully on the Pier, I am reminded of childhood summers. Not too far off the sound of water trickling over the dam almost puts me into what seems like an endless daydream, only coming back to reality by a fish breaking the water. The reflections of the sun dances on the water as the ripples expand like sound waves over the surface. A nice cool breeze blows through the flowers behind me, bringing a sweet aroma to my senses. This induced the birds to sing back and forth like on those tranquil Sounds of Nature CD’s. I look up into the cloudless blue sky and feel the warm sun on my face, relaxing me after an early days work. On the Pier I have no worries, I am care free.
Sitting on the Pier, I am hot and sweaty from work. The scorching sun torments my body and makes worse the condition I am already in. The old grey boards under me burn my feet if I put them down for more than a few seconds. I close my eyes, and the low rumbles of trucks with big mufflers, and the annoying buzz of dirt bikes, ring in my ear. I tried to look up and see if I would be getting some shade anytime s...

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