Childhood Poverty And Its Effects On Children Essay

Childhood Poverty And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Childhood poverty has increased to its highest point in 20 years (Holland, 2014) and become a major concern and issue in the United States. Since 2007-2009 poverty has increased 2.3 percentage points for white children and 6.4 percentage points for Hispanics (Lopez, & Velasco, 2011). The Children’s defense fund states that 1in5 children in America are poor. This increase is putting millions of children at an increased risk of injury or death (Holland, 2014). The U.S. has been fighting the war on poverty for over fifty years and there has not been much progress. Besides health, poverty affects many other aspects of a child’s life and development, but it especially affects their cognitive and education ability. The educational and cognitive gaps can affect how far these children make it in the educational system and their future employment and the likely hood that they will remain in poverty for life. This become a bigger issue for Hispanics especially if they are undocumented. The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) (2015), states that families need at least twice the federal poverty level just to meet their basic needs. These are the day to day needs of a family to survive.
These children living in poverty are at a greater risk of suffering a gap in their education and Hispanic children are at a higher risk due to cultural differences and language barrier. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group and will soon be the bulk of the U.S. work force. Without education these people will not be able to get jobs and everyone will be affected.
The theoretical perspective used in this paper is one of critical race theory, however, it could be viewed through the lens of Critical theory when discussing childhood poverty a...

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...t speak English have a harder time getting or understanding resources due to the language barrier and lack of available interpreters. Some Policies that may help these families require proof of income and most of the time these families are paid cash for the jobs they work and do not pay taxes so they have no proof of income.
About 20% of immigrants have less than a 9th grade education and have little skills to help them gain employment (Haskins, 2012). Hispanics are starting to make up the largest portion of the United States workforce and the workforce is demanding more and more education. Therefore the lack of education in the Hispanic population is a great barrier and one that is causing increases in poverty. The lack of education not only affects the poverty of their children but it also plays a role in the lack of education of their children creating a line of

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