Childhood Obesity : The Main Important Component For Obesity Essay

Childhood Obesity : The Main Important Component For Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity has become a critical disease in recent years that should be taken into consideration and treated not by doctors only, but also by family. In Theresa Cast’s article, “Childhood obesity” the main important component for obesity to be treated is education. Children who are raised in rural areas among literate ones have poor education, poor health condition, inadequate nutrition, and lack physical activity. The helpful solution for obesity is all the well-known agencies collaborate together on top of President Obama’s support. In the article, “Childhood obesity,” written by Joan C Han, Debbie A Lawler, and Sue Y S Kimm, published in May/6/2011, the reevaluation of both the caloric intake and physical activity can be an effective treatment for childhood obesity. Especially that childhood obesity is a serious global disease resulting diabetes type two. Childhood obesity rates increase and prevail considerably in industrialized countries due to the lifestyle that relies more on technology. For instance, the kids’ weights are very high that they can compare to the weight of adults. In addition, this harmful disease can cause damage to many organs in the human’s body system and chronic disease, including hypertension, type two diabetes, and fatty liver disease. Last, caloric treatment and physical activity should be followed for a long time for great results.
According to the “Fresh healthy vending combating childhood obesity on school campus,” article, published in the New York Amsterdam News in July/28/2011, Healthy vending machines contribute to childhood obesity decrease. Today, most of the vending machines in all school and college campuses are stocked with unhealthy items. This ar...

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...s will within their grasp at school.
Cast believes that childhood obesity rates will decrease when educating people about health awareness. Also, advising and addressing people about the significance of staying physically active and eating healthy. Han, Lawler, and Kim all concur that the development of diabetes type 2 in children is a consequence of obesity and that can be greatly treated by remaining sporty and energetic as well as following low caloric diets. Whereas, the other author thinks that when all school and college campuses provide the students with healthy vending machines, the students will get access to healthy snacks solely rather than unhealthy ones. Food in my opinion can be a friend and sometimes an enemy. That a sign that tells that food is not all bad. It depends upon the quantity and quality of the food, eating habits, and how active you are.

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