Childhood Obesity Rate Is Equally Alarming Essay

Childhood Obesity Rate Is Equally Alarming Essay

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While spending the day at the beach, the day is like any other typical Sothern California day, sunny clear skies, the smell of coconut-scented sunscreen, and thousands of men, women, and children enjoying the cool ocean breeze. A close examination reveals it is not the iconic California beach that many would imagine with the ripped muscular body builder, the young woman in a bikini, or the thin fit surfer stretching before running into the surf. Under further inspection a good deal of the beach goers are large if not big, in fact, it is not just the men but the women and children too. The current day reality is much different; the Center for Disease Control announced in 2012 that 69% of adults over age twenty are overweight and obese, and 35.1% obese within the United States (Obesity and Overweight).
Childhood obesity rate is equally alarming. The CDC reveals the obesity rate of children between six to eleven years old by 17.7% and 20.5% of twelve to nineteen year olds in the United States (Childhood Obesity Facts). In July of 2011, the CDC announced obesity as an “epidemic”. The problem of childhood obesity is reflected here in the published report Childhood Obesity in Orange County: More Needs to be Done with 22.1% of all five to eleven year old being overweight and 19.8% of twelve to nineteen year olds right here in our county in 2009. This means a disproportionate amount of our population; including children are affected in the United States. Moreover, Dr. Haslam explains the “average life expectancy is already diminished; the main adverse consequences are cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and several cancers” (Haslam). The debate over policy changes and ethic concern from manufacturers are highly charged, although many...

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...change at home.
The YMCA is model program for implementing change within communities. The YMCA has numerous programs such as helping adults and children with special needs, youth development, healthy living, and social enhancement. A focused effort on confronting the “Obesity Epidemic” aligns with the core values of respect, responsibility, and caring. Some say that obesity is the second leading cause of death behind smoking. Because clinically obese children have a higher rate of being Obese as an adult, we have a moral obligation to impact children and their families whenever possible. This is why I implore you too not only research you opportunities to assist in this epidemic, but utilize scientific methods like Problem Based Learning combined with parent involvement in reducing the obesity rate with the family that are involved in the YMCA after school program.

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