Childhood Obesity Is Not As Simple As Classifying Adult Obesity Essay

Childhood Obesity Is Not As Simple As Classifying Adult Obesity Essay

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obese. Classifying childhood obesity is not as simple as classifying adult obesity. When calculating a child’s BMI, aspects such as weight, height, age and gender come into consideration. Whereas, only height and weight is needed to calculate an adult’s BMI. Since BMI results may not always be accurate depending on a child’s body type, it is important that parents try to monitor their children’s weight and eating habits in order to ensure they are at a healthy weight.
In addition to identifying if a child is obese based on their Body Mass Index, it is equally important to know what causes a child to become obese. Public health professionals believe that the rapid increase of obesity in America is partially caused by the way people live their lives (“Diet and Obesity”). Because of the “increasing reliance in appliances and technology”, now “life simply requires less physical activity today than it did a few decades ago” (“Diet and Obesity”). According to the Mayo Clinic, “Childhood obesity is a serious dietary medical condition that occurs when a child is well above the normal weight and height of their age”, and may be due to “lifestyle issues”, leading to serious long term medical problems (“Childhood Obesity.” - Mayo Clinic). Some of the major causes of obesity include diet, lack of exercise, socioeconomic factors, and family factors.
Undoubtedly, a poor diet and lifestyle, which includes the consumption of “excess calories” and the lack of “regular physical activity”, are the main causes of obesity (Frisco). The frequent consumption of foods high in fat and low in nutrients, also known as “high-calorie foods, can easily cause a child to gain weight” (“Childhood Obesity.” Risk Factors). Secondly, a lack of exercise can also lead...

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...increase an individual’s risk of becoming overweight. It is agreeable by many that childhood obesity is seen as more of a problem compared to adult obesity. An obese child has less knowledge of what is happening to their body, as well as less power over what he or she can do to change their eating habits and lifestyle. The ones who should be more concerned about the issue of childhood obesity are parents and the federal government. Parents need to monitor what their children are eating as well as making sure they engage in more physical activities than sedentary activities; although, not all parents have the time, money or resources to keep their children healthy. Because of the inability for every parent to invest in their child’s health, the federal government needs to intervene in order to help decrease the number of overweight and obese children in this country.

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