Childhood Obesity : Is It Parental Essay

Childhood Obesity : Is It Parental Essay

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Child Hood Obesity

I chose Childhood Obesity: Is it parental nurturing to blame? Now a day we live very hectic lives and eating a well balance meal is hard to do. Sitting around the table and enjoying a meal together is almost impossible. As both parents work outside of the home cooking a balance meal is very hard. Going to buy food from a fast food place is easier than going to the store and buying the food and then cooking it. I have also seen relatives hand food when they are crying just to keep them quiet. Leaving the child with nothing else than to eat the food offered to him or her. Instead of the parent taking the time to figure out why the child is crying. This does not let the child to learn to eat when their hungry only. I found this article brings out very good points.
The author of Childhood Obesity: Is Nurturing to Blame? In this article La Rocca, JD, blames the parents on children being obese. He points out that obesity if left untreated can cause psychological and medical diseases. Also that obesity does not discriminate among boys or girls that it occurs in all ages, races, and ethnic groups. Obesity refers to children between the ages of 2-18 with a BMI as developed by the center of Disease control and Prevention. A body mass index that is above the 85th percentile for a child’s age puts the child at risk for becoming overweight.
One factor that contributes to obesity is genetics. Genetics cause five to twenty-five percent of obesity. Children are more likely to be overweight if their parents are. The children will follow the life style of the parents. They will model their dietary patterns, physical activity, television watching, and...

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... Always had tortillas and we wouldn 't limit ourselves to just one. Mother would often say to us “You are looking very skinny you need to eat more.” Even now when we go visit she will cook something for us. We will tell her we already eat and she will say “You are looking like you are losing weight. Eat some more”. Everything revolved around food as we grew up.
The author JD Rocca made his point very clear. He wanted parents to understand how much influence they have in their children eating habits. The purpose of this article was to be informative toward the parent. The author made this very clear by bringing out good point that could relate to the person ready this essay.

The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, 2009
Childhood Obesity: Is Parental Nurturing to Blame?

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