Childhood Obesity Is Caused By Home Life Essay

Childhood Obesity Is Caused By Home Life Essay

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Childhood Obesity is caused by Home life
After countless studies, research, debates, journals and different opinions about on what the definite cause of childhood obesity. It is time to critically think about this issue and ask the question “Is home life the main cause of childhood obesity?” After review even though there other factors that cause childhood obesity, childhood obesity is mainly caused by home life.
According to the Centers for disease control and prevention obesity is defined as having “excess body fat and is a result of caloric imbalance—too few calories expended for the amount of calories consumed—and are affected by various genetic, behavioral, and environmental factors ( CDC)”. America’s obesity rate has increased rapidly over the past years and the situation is not getting better as the years go by. Hence, America is known as one of the most obese countries in the world. More of American children are becoming overweight and in some cases obese. The situation is becoming dangerous for the children in America and is affecting their overall health and wellness.
At this point one asks the question” what is the cause of childhood obesity and how does we prevent it?” it is believed that school life cause childhood obesity. Which is the lack of nutrition in school lunch and the limited time a child has to play sports are the cause of obesity. Legislations have been enacted to improve school lunches “State laws and farm-to-school programs (FTSPs) have the potential to increase fruit and vegetable (FV) availability in school meals” (Nicholson, Lisa, et al). Schools have sports and physical education programs that engage children physically and is devoted to promoting physical activity among its students. This bree...

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...habits. The health and welfare of a child is fostered by a positive home with engaging individuals that preach and teach the models and values, to make them into responsible members of society. Just as Jeffrey kolpan said " a child 's health and well being is fostered by a home environment with engaged and skillful parenting that models, values and encourages sensible eating habits and a physical active lifestyle." (Kopaln Jeffrey).
The problems of childhood obesity can be discussed continuously, but we have to actively discuss how to improve the situation and act on the solutions we have discussed. We have to combine a healthier diet and infuse it with physical activity. Promote healthy eating habits among children so they can grow up to be health conscious adults, and spill that good will into mainstream society, so we can produce a healthier generation to come.

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