Childhood Obesity Is A Health Issue Essay examples

Childhood Obesity Is A Health Issue Essay examples

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Childhood obesity is a health issue that is on a rampage throughout the United States. The rapidly growing number of obese children in today’s society is overwhelming. This concern should be addressed more efficiently due to the vast number of kids that it effects and the lifelong complications that it entails. An increase in technology, availability of cell phones, iPad, computers and televisions, and the lack of physical activity has led to this alarming growth rate. The most disturbing part about this issue is that it is completely preventable. This epidemic affects a growing amount of children physically, psychologically, and socially and will for the rest of their lives.
Obese children are effected socially in many ways. They are often teased and bullied by their peers, they have developed poor social skills, and are excluded from school clubs and activities which has lead to social isolation. For example, they are almost always the last one picked in physical education class. Activities they once enjoyed they stop doing, which only continues the weight gain and are further discouraged to try new things. Because of their weight, they are made a target to their fellow class mates who do not understand the effects of their obesity and are less likely to be excepted by their peers. The stress and fear of what their classmates think of them leads to social anxiety and only furthers their desire to skip school. Acting out, in a social setting, as a defense mechanism is a copping skill they develop. These children often miss more school due to the cruel environment they face on a daily basis, and for that their education suffers. For the children who suffer from obesity, school becomes a place that they fear instead of a place to...

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...uncontrollable rate. It is causing serious health effect in children leading into their adult life. Effecting them socially through being an outcast and socially shamed at school. Having a child struggle socially at school and it effecting their education. Along with the psychological damage of body shamming children cannot cop with the constant rejection of society forcing them deeper in to the obesity. While having the physical effect ruin their chance of having a quality childhood and into adulthood. Possibly having a disease for their rest of their life. While the whole disease itself is preventable by showcasing a positive lifestyle it takes the whole nation to realize this epidemic of fat children that may cause an everlasting cycle of obese children into obese adults so on. All thing we can control to work together to stop childhood obesity dead in it tracks.

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