Childhood Obesity : Children And Children Essay

Childhood Obesity : Children And Children Essay

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Children today are couch potatoes that are too engrossed in technology to get their body moving and heart rate up. More than 40% of children watch two hours or more of TV each day (“Obesity Statistics”). Children who are obese spend much of their time watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games. Parents need to control the amount of TV their children watch and encourage more physical activity if the child is bored. Unfortunately, schools are decreasing the amount of exercise activities that children receive during school hours. Children who are left unsupervised after school may make sorry nutritional choices and participate in non-physical activities (Childhood Obesity).
There are psychological reasons for child obesity. Family eating behavior has an important role in child obesity. Children learn by observing others, as well as copying the behaviors of their parents. Again, the parents have to set the example in their home of how to eat nutritious foods, as well as how to control portion sizes. Also, studies conducted with obese children from 5-12 years of age showed behavioral problems when assessed by interviews or questionnaires (“Psychological Correlates of Child Obesity”). This could be because the obese children in schools are mainly the ones getting picked on.
A study conducted by the UK shows the early causes of child obesity. In the 1980s, the Fetal Origins of Adult Disease (FOAD) hypothesis was developed, and it stated that poor fetal growth, caused by maternal malnutrition, leads to permanent changes in the fetus which make it more susceptible to chronic disease in adulthood. They say that we have “to improve the nutrition of the pregnant woman so as to increase the birth weight of babies (“...

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...nd vegetables at any local supermarket. Unfortunately, the rest of the store provides isles and isles of choices of junk food from chocolate donuts to cheesecake. People go to the stores with their shopping lists having the intent to not buy anything else; however, when they see candy, chips, and soda near the cash register they have second thoughts. No one should go the supermarket on an empty stomach because they are more inclined to buy more and purchase junk food to satisfy instantly their hunger. Moreover, no parent should give in to their kid screaming in their ear, “I want M&Ms!” If the parent wants to buy their child a treat, they should make smart choices. For instance, buy candies made with natural fruit juice, avoid snacks made with high fructose corn syrup, and try to buy snacks low in saturated fat and sodium or even just give them a piece of fruit.

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