Essay about Childhood Obesity : Causes And Consequences

Essay about Childhood Obesity : Causes And Consequences

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For many years, doctors and researchers have started to notice a sudden increase in the weight of children around the United States. Recent studies show that approximately 25% of children are overweight and approximately 11% of children are obese. There has been an abundance of controversy on whether the recent climb in childhood obesity is caused by environmental factors or is just simply genetic. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the viewpoints of the cause of the increasing rate of childhood obesity from 3 different sources. The first article “Adverse family experiences and obesity in children and adolescence in the United States” by Brian A. Lynch, states that childhood obesity is caused by environmental factors and early life experiences, while in the second article “Genetic Influences in childhood obesity: Recent progress and recommendations for experimental designs” by JR Fernandez states that obesity in children is genetic. The third article “Childhood Obesity: Causes and Consequences” by Krushnapriya Sahoo, includes both opinions from article one and two while also stating different reasoning and evidence.
Lynch states in his article, “Adverse family experiences and obesity in children and adolescence in the United States” that this nationwide health crisis is caused by “factors including early life experiences and exposures, physical activity, television viewing, diet, and critical socio-environmental factors such as family life and neighborhood-level variables” (Lynch 1). Evidence shows that childhood obesity and future adulthood obesity is linked to early life exposures such as ACEs. ACE is abbreviated for adverse childhood experiences, which is distressing or traumatic events that occur during child...

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...the same evidence. One way that all three articles could be connected is that all the claims that were stated were proven with scientific evidence and statistics. All three authors use an ethos appeal through the entirety of the articles to gain the readers trust which becomes very effective when trying to persuade an opinion.
After reading all three articles, my opinion on this nationwide health crisis was changed from agreeing with Sahoo’s article and thinking that nature and nurture both played a role in the increasing rate of childhood obesity to agreeing with Lynch’s article and thinking that only environmental events influence the obesity in children. The facts in Lynch’s article are so strongly supported by evidence that I was very easily persuaded. I now strongly believe that environmental influences is the main reason for obesity among children nationwide.

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