Childhood Obesity And The Overall Physical And Mental Health Concerns Essay

Childhood Obesity And The Overall Physical And Mental Health Concerns Essay

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There are many outside sources that effect one’s weight for example, genes play a huge role on someone’s weight, but in the recent decades this issue has been at the forefront of concern for a number of reasons. One of the most important is childhood obesity and the overall physical and mental health concerns that this disease carries.
If we look at the development of a child they are essentially made up to be more active due to how quickly their body can heal and how they have higher energy levels compared to a 25 year old. In the recent decades childhood obesity has more than tripled since 1980 (obesity rates). Who or what is to blame? It is no question that many aspects contribute to obesity like genes, the availability to fast food, as well as the consumption of higher calorie meals and reduced energy due the use of technology. It was not until this past decade were technology is so readily available due to its popularity due to its effects it has played such a substantial to our daily lives. So why have kids gotten less active and more inactive? In our society all one needs is a screen to keep them occupied while the only workout they are getting is their fingers. However this issue effects on the body is more than just a couple of extra pounds.
In the long term the lasting emotional damage that obesity causes is very unnerving. A study by Pediatrics, found that the longer a child is overweight, the more they are at risk for depression and other mental health disorders (Lawson, 2012). The most common emotional problem stemmed from obesity is depression. It was not until recently this very “adult” problem has been recognized as a common condition among youths who are overweight. In a recent survey given from the National...

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...arance. If one is having these type of feelings it is more than likely that they fall under depression. If a child is having these type of emotions why not sit in front of the television. Obesity and depression feed off one another it is a viscous cycle. One of the symptoms of depression is inactively and the loss of motivation so if a child has lost its motivation there is no push to be active so sitting in front of the TV is very appealing. It is also known that while they are watching TV for an intensive amount of time they are making poor food choices snacking on high calorie foods rather than fruits and vegetables. It is a very toxic combination. But for those children who are suffering from these disorders it is hard to tell if a child is depressed to start with for the diagnoses of a child who suffers with depression is vastly different from an adults.

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