Childhood Obesity And Other Health Problems Essay

Childhood Obesity And Other Health Problems Essay

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Children run the biggest risk factor of having high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and other health problem simply by how they are taught to eat by their parents throughout their early year of life. Since parents are the most important factor in shaping how a child developed both physically and mentally, they are the ones that need to teach their children as to how maintain and live a healthy life while growing up. When they begin to enter their adolescent years, this leads them to have a set foundation as to how they believe they should practice their nutritional set up as an adult. Depending on what behaviors the children catch on to most, by those who surround them is a cycle that will travel from their children and to the children of those children, whether their learned behaviors are good or bad. Because there are many new factors that can lead children to childhood obesity, new measured have and need to be taken in order to prevent a new generation of health problems amongst these kids.
Parents are the most important aspect of children learning process, they teach them how to behave, eat, act, and any many other things along while growing up. This means that if the child’s mother or father is teaching them poor behavioral habits. That is how the child believes it is the correct way to live and will practice those manners for the rest of their lives, or until she or he decides to adapt and take on new performances. Analyzing a child’s development through a psychological aspect, children have a set time called the “sensitive” period of development; this means that children are particularly sensitive to certain environmental stimuli or impressions, which are essential to his or her overall development. There have been various ...

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...ecause their father or mother did not want them to. Changing a child’s behavior is something that can be done over time, it simply required some outside help, this being their parents, since they are so young and have a harder tine understanding what is going to happen to them in the future. Children, in general do not think about their stable future until they are much older and therefor if they are taught unhealthy behaviors will have a more difficult time trying to modify negative behaviors on their own. It is especially hard for some because certain people, when they get older, believe that there isn’t anything wrong with how they are and in the form in which they eat. They are so use to how they have been living that they do not want to change themselves, even though it might mean the difference from developing health problems to living a long and healthy life.

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