Childhood Obesity And How It Affects Development Essay

Childhood Obesity And How It Affects Development Essay

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This article is easily relatable to chapters 7, when talking about childhood obesity and how it affects development. This is also linked to chapter 8, when talking about self esteem and the biological differences between men and women. Childhood obesity is an increasing problem we face in America, and this article exhibits long-term effects on caring about your body, and how it can change your life for the foreseeable future. Self esteem goes hand-in-hand when talking about body image, as well as the endorphins released into our body while we partake in physical activity. There are also a few different examples from the article, that state differences between men and women, that go beyond the obvious. Exercise not only helps our body for the long run, but it also is a very important factor in our development.
Obesity is a very unfortunate thing that has been on a rapid rise in the United States. Children don’t get the proper nutrition and attention they require from their parents, which in many ways, contributes to their obesity. The fact that we are in a society where we are technologically advancing, we also see a lack of exercise in children, because they have vast amounts of entertainment at the touch of their fingers. In the article, it talks about the impact that exercise has on your body and mind. It’s extremely important that children maintain a healthy physique, for many reasons following development. If a child is obese, they run the risk of an extreme lack of confidence, which sets the path for other developmental issues in their life. These children become less social, which takes a toll on their brain development, and often times they are bullied. All of these things contribute to confidence issues, which is a domi...

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...that its a very important topic, and was persuasive in terms of getting someone to work out. It properly portrayed the importance of exercising, and it was to the point, and it was not longer than it had to be. However, I feel as though that the article wasn 't very notable in terms of research, the author was referencing research that had no substance because they were spoken about so casually. With a more cited article, I feel as though this piece could be taken way more seriously. I liked how brief the article was, the content was very important, but it needed to be addressed with more citation to be taken seriously. I agreed in all points of this article, though it was hard to disagree because if it was based on the supposed research, then it was mainly a factual article. In short, I believe that this article was well laid out, important, and a pleasure to read.

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