Childhood Obesity : An Ongoing Problem With Our Children Essay

Childhood Obesity : An Ongoing Problem With Our Children Essay

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Childhood obesity continues to be an ongoing problem with our children. In 2013 forty-two million children under the age of five in the world were overweight or obese (World Health Organization [WHO], 2015). Of these forty-two million obese children thirty-one million are living in developing countries (WHO, 2016). In the United States in 2012 one third of our children and adolescents were overweight or obese (Beal, 2016). Childhood obesity has doubled in children 2-5 years old, tripled with children age 6-19 (National Institute of Health [NIH], 2013). Being overweight and obese is caused from a calorie imbalance when our children eat more calories then they burn off (Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2015). In the world 2.6 million people die as a result of being overweight or obese yearly (WHO, 2016). This problem is not just in the United States; it is a worldwide problem and improvements need to be made. Obesity is a health crisis that can be prevented or reversed.
Childhood obesity is a serious public health challenge for the 21st century globally (WHO, 2016). The prevention of obesity needs to be given a high priority due to the health issues it is causing (WHO, 2016 ). Obesity is causing cardiovascular disease in our children and this is causing premature death (Liping, Blanck, Sherry, Dalenius, & Grummer-Strawn, 2012). Obesity causes many diseases or exacerbates them and as more children and adults become obese this increases the cost to care for them. The cost of obesity is becoming a huge strain on our healthcare system (liping et al., 2012).
My goal is to reduce childhood obesity in my community and teach healthy eating and exercise to families. Many families have never learned to cook, ...

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Childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate despite the efforts to reduce it. This is causing many children unnecessary health issues and is costing our country 14 billion dollars per year (The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program [RWJFP], 2015). Childhood obesity leads to adult obesity, which costs 147 to 210 billion dollars per year (RWJFP, 2015). Childhood obesity is preventable and can be reversed. One cause is our food environment has changed significantly over the last few years in our country. Food in the United States (US) is mostly processed for easy accessibility. The problem is the food is making us sick, processed food is less expensive and many foods and beverages are full of low nutrients, high fat, added sugar and calories (RWJFP, 2015). Sugar-sweetened beverages have been shown to cause weight gain and fat accumulation (Wilson, 2012).

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