Childhood Obesity : An Epidemic Of National Attention Essay

Childhood Obesity : An Epidemic Of National Attention Essay

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Research after research has shown us frightening evidence about the health risk facing America’s Children. This dilemma cannot be solved without extensive action. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2012 is a piece of legislation, signed by President Barack Obama, which aims to conflict the overwhelming epidemic that touched the entire nation. Many conservatives argue this act and would like to withdraw the legislation, believing that it is not the appropriate way to go about administering the problem. Childhood obesity had become an epidemic of national attention.
The rate of obesity in children has risen greatly worldwide. Studies have shown that the circulation of body-mass index among children has altered in a way that the heaviest children, most at risk of complication are now even heavier (Ebbeling, Pawlak, Ludwig, 2002). This puts many more children across the nation at risk for developing weight-related illnesses. Overweight children are at higher risk of establishing type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. One study shows that childhood-onset obesity is combined with increased fatality and anguishes related to cardiovascular diseases during life (Elmaogullari 2015). This appalling data makes it coherent that action must be taken against this developing trend. The most adequate way to battle this epidemic is prevention.
Many people are contributing their assumptions on the apprehension behind the increase in overweight children. One cause in childhood obesity is a sedentary lifestyle. Fewer children are walking to school and many schools are cutting physical education programs for financial reasons. Children in the United States spend seventy-five percent of their waking hours being immobile, compared...

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...ive mothers It isn’t always the family habits causing the children to be obese, but they can have a direct impact on the problem”(Mahmood 2015).
Children are ten times more inclined to be obese if both parents are obese.
This paper was to inform people how alarming childhood obesity and how deliberating of a problem it is. Obesity is gaining in number every day and it is becoming socially acknowledged, people are not making a big deal of obese children when it is becoming one of the considering killers in the United States. These things have to be slowed down or stopped, childhood obesity requires to be taken very seriously and everyone affected by it needs to step in and help out, it is getting so out of hand that this generation’s life expectancy is started to downturn because this generations children are starting to get so many diseases and health complication.

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