Childhood Obesity : A Serious Case Essay

Childhood Obesity : A Serious Case Essay

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Data and Discussion
Child obesity is a serious case especially in United States. Obesity can harm not only a child’s body but also it has social, emotional and financial consequences. That is how I became interested in the topic of the causes of child obesity and how it affects their life. I want to know the real causes of obesity. I also want to know exactly how some obesity rates are increasing and whether the School lunches and psychological stress contribute in the child obesity.
School Lunches
In the article of J. Michael Wieting, DO, MEd “ Cause and Effect in Childhood Obesity: Solutions for a National Epidemic,”the author says: “In a national study of 395 public schools in 38 states, vending machines were available in 82% of middle schools and 97% of high schools. A la carte items were in approximately 92% of middle and high schools. Three-quarters of those had low-nutrient, energy-dense food or beverages.” It also states that Public Health Institute (PHI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote health, discuss that companies sees schools to direct sales,, and advertise their goods. Although the advertisement and food marketing in school has a negative impact, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) disagrees advertising aimed for children do not contribute to obesity instead they points out that child obesity is caused by lack of physical activity. They emphasizes in the impact of the soft drinks: “The researchers maintain that the extra gram of sucrose accounted for approximately 4 calories and conclude that soft drink consumption in schools is not associated with increased risk of overweight.” The CCF has its evidence saying that advertisements in school does not increase the risk of obesity for children.


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So what are the causes of child obesity? Well, there are numerous answer to this question but not all the answers are true such as the food sales in school. Some people believe that food sales in school may have increased the risk of obesity but in my research it does not affect it. Also, parent also have an impact toward a child behavior such as food choices and parent negative labeling which may lead to child obesity. Children should be guided and disciplined by their parents, peers, and others on what are the right foods to eat. They should have confidence in themselves and these will help them change their habits step by step towards a healthy life. In future research, I will find some data regarding the gender, race and socioeconomic disadvantages that affects child obesity and I plan to research more about how obesity affects their lifestyle.

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