Childhood Obesity : A Recent Epidemic Essay

Childhood Obesity : A Recent Epidemic Essay

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Childhood obesity is a recent epidemic that has overcome the American culture and is growing at alarming rates. There are many contributors to this unhealthy lifestyle, many of them being environmental aspects. Environment play a big role in the nutrition children receive. Adolescent obesity is the direct product of a child 's environment both geographical and their home settings. Schools have done a substantial amount of work on creating a healthy environment for students, but there is more that can be done. Childhood obesity can be diminished by the unity of school officials and caring parents. If school officials and families do not take the proper steps to ending this epidemic, then the children 's generation will struggle with serious health issues like type two diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.
Childhood obesity is a serious condition that is a result of a child or adolescent being severely overweight for both their height and age. The percentage of children affected by childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past thirty years. As of 2012 research has shown over one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Analysed research collected from 2012 estimated 12.7 million children were suffering from obesity; of which 22.4% are Hispanic, 20.2% non-Hispanic black, 14.1% non-Hispanic white, and 8.6% non-Hispanic asian. The condition is seen as most prevalent among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black children and adolescents. Childhood obesity is a direct result of the environment that the child is exposed to; for example, research has shown the prevalence of food deserts throughout the Hispanic and black neighborhoods. As a result of the lack of fresh food, parents ...

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...s yoga.
If this epidemic continues, there will be an even greater health risk for many generations to come. In the article “Role of Prevention in the Contention of the Obesity Epidemic” one stated, “Indeed, the cause of the current surge of obesity should be sought in the unfavourable interaction between an individual’s genetics and an environment proper of the industrialized world,”(Carraro and Cebrian 1) emphasizing the fact that childhood obesity has a strong correlation to the environment that the child is a part of. Childhood obesity needs to be further assessed by school officials and modified family behaviors. If the required procedures are not taken to end this epidemic, then greater health risk will become prominent among children and adolescents. With the collective work of both parents and school officials, childhood obesity can be diminished.

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