Childhood Obesity : A Major Problem Within New Zealand Essay

Childhood Obesity : A Major Problem Within New Zealand Essay

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Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a major problem within New Zealand’s society as the ministry of health figures state that one in five children (under 14) are now overweight, one in twelve are obese. The rate of obesity for Maori is roughly double that of European New Zealanders. New Zealand is responsible for this, from advertisements to foods to school, this is promoting the children in New Zealand that is alright to eat poorly and barely exercise. The trend of childhood obesity keeps growing as childhood inactivity grows from the lack of physical activity, poor diets, technology and advertisements of multiple things such as fast foods. Inactivity and obesity in New Zealand children will increase, resulting in more health issues (more money needed) to bigger things needed such as buses, seats and so on.

Childhood Inactivity
Childhood inactivity is a term that is used to identify people who do not get the recommended level of regular physical activity. The main causes of childhood inactivity are technology and lack of motivation, this means instead of doing physical activity, children are on social media and inside, due to things such as health and safety rules on playground as they have so much effect on children’s fun within playground so they tend to just stay inside on technology; PlayStation, television. As “nearly half of children aged 5-14 years (50%) usually watched 2 or more hours of television a day”, this just shows what children do in their spare time, instead of being active and outside socialising with other kids, this will result in the children not being sociable and having poor communication, which has major effect on their social well-being as children need other children to learn and be so...

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...heaper and tastier, therefore making it more difficult to make families purchase healthy food instead of junk food/ unhealthy food. The influences that will help the solutions would be they have removed sugar filled drinks (fizzy drinks) and sugary foods from school and hospital canteens and replaced them with healthier options. Also television ads are promoting families to eat smaller portions of food and exercise more daily.

In conclusion, although there is a lot of advertising and resources being put for forward to address childhood obesity, there is a lot of work to be done to change the lifestyle of this generation of New Zealanders. With the costs of fresh and healthy foods, the income of people is relevant to support a healthy diet and lifestyle, costs are a lot greater therefore poor families would struggle to change to a healthy lifestyle/ diet.

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