Childhood Memories : My Life Essay

Childhood Memories : My Life Essay

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Childhood memories are often replaced from the imagination. That is, recent memories replace events that transpired during our childhood; these memories are considered fresh by comparison. Still, there are significant moments in our lives that maintain their place in our memory, based on their importance and their contribution to our lives. My life was forever impacted on a Summer day when my father and I had a fishing trip planned. An otherwise normal day of fishing at the lake would have a dramatic impact in my life, developing and accelerating a passion that would continue throughout my adult life, and will remain impactful for the rest of my adult life.
The fishing gear was packed. A cooler was filled with ice, soda for myself, and a 6-pack of beer for my dad. We had the appropriate clothes for the trip, which would be a day of fishing on the lake. We said our goodbyes as we would not be returning until the late evening. With anticipation and excitement, my dad turned the key to start the Chevy pickup truck. The truck would not start, and my passion for automotive mechanics would begin at that moment. There was a critical problem that could only be solved with knowledge that a mechanic possessed, and it became my duty to ensure that I had the ability to solve such a problem moving forward.
My father was able to diagnose the starter as the problem. I was alongside him for the entire process, beginning with locating the starter, which he pointed out, moving forward with disconnecting the battery, and crawling under the truck to remove bolts. A trip to the junkyard was necessary to obtain an alternative starter, which would be secured, connected and entered into the vehicle. Helping throughout the entire process, my goal was to ...

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... once the starter had been replaced, there was an aura about this vehicle and the smell completely changed; it was pleasant.
The fishing trip was an afterthought to the passion that would develop for the inside components of cars and trucks. This would become more than a hobby, but a significant component of my life. I continue to learn the craft and look for new developments in the automotive environment, treating this as a profession where I demand to remain at the top. An otherwise ordinary fishing trip, which we had done countless times, introduced me to the working mechanics of a vehicle. The gut-wrenching feeling of that truck not started was perhaps the most significant moment in my life, one where my father and I could ever bond over mechanics, and have him say that he was proud of me. It would lead to a lifelong passion, and change how I viewed achievement.

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