Childhood Memories : My Childhood Home Essay

Childhood Memories : My Childhood Home Essay

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When reminiscing about my childhood a home is hard to recall. It seemed common for others to have a place called home. Moving from house to house was not the problem, but the empty feeling. Home to me was my grandparent’s house. I spent nearly all of my childhood there. My grandparents bought the one story house with two bedrooms in the early seventies. From the spacious bedroom, to the kitchen with endless possibilities and the way I spent my time this house defined my character.
After adopting my mom my grandparents realized more space was needed. My grandpa built a second story onto the house with the help of my uncles. Deep brown and red bricks cover the bottom half exterior of the house, while caramel colored wood covers the top half. A rustic brick walkway corresponds with the exterior walls. The walkway leads to a chestnut colored door. Through the door is the entryway with mahogany colored wood floors. Looking up to the ceiling hangs a massive chandelier made of deer antlers. This chandelier does not feel important to me because of it’s diversity but because my uncle placed a small green dinosaur toy on top of it. That dinosaur has never been moved my entire life. To the left of the doorway burgundy carpeted stairs leads you to the second floor.
The entryway guides you to the kitchen. The kitchen is my most loved place in the house. I learned numerous skills in my grandma’s kitchen. Skills that supported who I am today and I hadn’t even realized it. I baked and cooked with my grandma every chance I got. During the summer it was difficult to convince her since it was so hot. Learning how to measure out ingredients was generally my job. However, I sometimes would give her the wrong measurement. When I gave her the incor...

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... a television in the room I read books in my spare time. My grandma was an enormous supporter of reading. She recommended books to me often. If it were not for her I would never have been interested in reading.
I owe my character to my grandparents and the house that helped raise me. I don’t often look back at my childhood unless someone has asked me to. My childhood was not picture perfect. However, it was the greatest childhood I could have imagined. My grandparents house was my favorite place to be. The feeling I had entering the house was a warm and happy feeling. I will always remember their house as my childhood home because of that feeling. As I get older I’ll make new memories in new houses. However, this house will be forever considered my home. The memories from the kitchen, the bedroom, and the activities are all remains of a joyful and loving childhood.

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