Childhood Is An Accumulation Of Experiences Essay

Childhood Is An Accumulation Of Experiences Essay

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Lee Pryke once said, “Life is an accumulation of experiences, leading us back to why we came here in the first place.” Simply, every moment, every detail, every tedious change in life either upholds, molds, or chips at identity, leaving the remaining sculpture a byproduct of life. A time in life when a person is most impressionable and vulnerable to his surroundings is childhood. Furthermore, childhood experiences have long-term, intricate effects and implications on identity, whether positive or negative.
During childhood, children are susceptible to their environment, mainly within the structure of the home. Negative events such as abuse, abandonment, substance abuse or trauma not only effect the child at the time, but these events also hold significant weight for the child later in life. Children have the capacity to perceive these traumatic events, and from birth the tactile and auditory senses of a child are similar to those of an adult (“Trauma and Treatment in Early Childhood). Though many parents or guardians believe a child will remain unaffected due to not fully understanding the situation, children may later experience depression, attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorders, anxiety, or changes in sleeping or eating patterns. Development may be compromised, leading to poor academic performance and isolation from relationships and activities (“Trauma and Treatment in Early Childhood”). People first see the world through the lens of their perspective, affected at every angle from mental health. At an early age, these negative experiences have the potential to fold individuals into themselves: their identity is no more than their past. This outlook may result in low self-esteem or hopelessness, which is a driving factor...

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...ver-bearing parents has helped me realize I am in charge of my own life: my actions affect others around me, also, and I am responsible for everything I do and say. My actions are not under the law of my parents. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am: independent but considerate of others.
At this present time, somewhere in the world, a kid fell of his bike and his parents are there to clean up the mess; a child’s father is leaving the family he promised to raise; a young girl just lost her mother and is preparing for the funeral. Experiences are what hold the whole world together in similarity. There is not one thing more human than that of a shared pain, joy, or challenge. It’s the only thing everyone in the world has in common. Whether positive or negative, life-changing or seemingly insignificant, experiences are the building blocks of identity.

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