Childhood Immunizations And Its Effect On Children 's Immune System Essay

Childhood Immunizations And Its Effect On Children 's Immune System Essay

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There are approximately 14 diseases that can be prevented with routine childhood immunizations. Vaccines work by stimulating the injected child’s immune system with a tiny amount of the weakened or dead disease he or she is being vaccinated against. For example, the Hib vaccine contains a very small amount of the Hib bacteria (CDC, 2012). This deceives the immune system into thinking the child contracted the disease, and begins producing antibodies to defend against, and destroy, those pathogen invaders. Thus, the child becomes immune to the disease, without having to contract the full-blown disease first. When routine vaccines are given correctly, immunity can be up to 90-100% effective (Vaccines, n.d.).
There has been a dramatic drop in vaccine rates over the estimated last decades due to the controversy between childhood immunizations and its link to autism. Herd immunity works best when 96% or more of a population is vaccinated in order to prevent outbreaks (Poland, 2011). However, nearly 95% of all reported U.S. kindergarteners receive their recommended vaccines, primarily due to personal belief exemptions (PMEs) (Seither et al., 2014). The purpose of this paper is to examine the personal beliefs and misconceptions parents have about childhood vaccinations, while also refuting Andrew Wakefield’s false claims, ultimately encouraging an increase in childhood vaccination rates.
Immune systems build immunity toward certain diseases which protect against illnesses. Vaccinations help build natural resistance from pathogens without causing bodily harm by stimulating the immune system, building protective memory cells towards those particular pathogens. When a specific pathogen reenters the body, memo...

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...f routinely vaccinated children in today’s era should represent at least 98%, collectively.
Childhood immunizations have long decreased disease outbreaks and reduced childhood morbidity. A population majority are seeing successful results of healthy children and communities because of routine childhood immunizations. There are concerns and hesitancy regarding vaccinations, particularly with its link-to-autism myth. However, there has been no clinical evidence thus far to prove that vaccines are linked to developing autism in children. Therefore, the most effective way to ensure every child remains healthy is to vaccinate each one from the time of birth, considering the viability of each child at birth. Vaccinating children not only protects them from preventable diseases, it can also enforce herd immunity, which is essential for a healthy population.

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