Childhood : Growing Up Of A Middle Class Neighborhood Essay

Childhood : Growing Up Of A Middle Class Neighborhood Essay

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Childhood: Growing up in Mendoza

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Mendoza. It’s a city in Argentina about the size of Des Moines, so it’s a medium sized city. My neighborhood was average for as far as the number of people, kids, and businesses. I have good memories of my neighborhood when I was growing up, it was pretty average, nothing unusual. I went to school and that took up most of the day. Otherwise I played with the rest of the kids in my house or in the neighborhood. We would play soccer when we had the chance. I lived close to a park so we would go to the park and play soccer all the time. It was about two blocks away, and just play around like any other child.

I was the oldest of my brother and my two sisters. We knew what was expected of us and everybody went to school so we were busy until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Then we did some homework and played, so there were good memories. I loved my home in those days. When I was really little, about four years old, my parents bought an older house- a big house and we lived there. Then my parents bought a new house right in front of it. It was a big piece of land. I remember the building process of that house and how I could play around with it when it was being built. When it was finished and we moved, I shared a bedroom with my younger brother. I have two sisters, they had their own bedroom. My parents had their own bedroom. And we had good memories of that house.

During the summer my family would go to our summer house. Our summer house was on the Atlantic Ocean, in a resort city. It was a modest house, but we went there every summer to spend at least January sometimes February. We took a month off from school and my parents took off one month from their ...

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...ring for all of those exams that I had to take in order to come to the United States to work. All of the preparation and time spent studying hard that occurred going those years, was pretty tough. The stress of not making it is was probably the most difficult part of that because you know that you have no choice, you have to pass it or you wont make it. All of that was just to get to the Untied States as an intern. I did an internship in Argentina and then to practice here in the US, anything you wanted to do, you had to do an internship again, and then you do your training. Whatever specialty you choose to do, in my case it was surgery, but if you wanted to be a cardiologist or ears, nose or throat or gastroenterology you went to different training. You end up having a little bit of experience underneath your belt and then you decide what you want to specialize in.

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