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Throughout my childhood, people frequently asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At the age of 5, the common answer I gave was, “I want to be a superhero.” After years of watching Spiderman, The Incredibles, and Power Rangers, it seemed that saving the world from incoming meteors and the likes of the menacing Doctor Octopus was the most respectable and glorious occupation a child could aspire for.

By the time I turned 10, I wanted to be a movie star. When I realized halfway through my sixth grade class’s dress rehearsal of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that my acting was pitiful, it became clear that it wasn’t for me. I began to search for other opportunities, and eventually found myself working the technologically-advanced light board and backstage rigging at my school’s performing arts center - a position I loved so much that I would still enjoy doing it to this day. Technology seemed quite imminent in my future. I had always known much more about computers than my peers, and it seemed that my knowledge would only increase in value as I grew older. Even now, at the age of 16, I know that the future is unpredictable, that so many things may change, but I will try to stay true to what I believe is my calling.

Nevertheless, I do know that my short-term goal is to attend college. Growing up in war-era Vietnam, my parents and the vast majority of my extended family never had the opportunities for education that I have today. Education was simply not one of the priorities of the post-war government, so my parents barely finished high school before becoming part of the workforce. By attending college, I would be the first in my family to do so. Not only would it provide me with the resources I need to achieve my goals, ...

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...Obamacare, is so controversial. Everywhere I look, Obamacare is always being talked about, but I do not fully understand why President Obama wants to enact the Affordable Healthcare Act and what effects it will have across the board.

Although the Indiana University seminar is my top choice, I am perfectly fine with attending the one at University of Michigan on black theater. Although the topic of healthcare would intrigue me, I feel that learning about theater and how African Americans see it could be eye-opening. Many of the plays I have seen were predominantly written and performed by white people. Even the ones about Harriet Tubman, I always found to be biased towards whites, portraying their role in a more positive light.

Both TASS seminars interest me, and while I would prefer the Indiana University seminar, either of them are fine.

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