Childhood Development Is Gender Identity Essay

Childhood Development Is Gender Identity Essay

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As a child grows and conforms to the world around them they go through various stages, one of the most important and detrimental stages in childhood development is gender identity. The development of the meaning of a child’s sex and gender can form the whole future of that child’s identity as a person. This decision whether accidental or genetic can effect that child’s life style views and social interactions for the rest of their lives. Ranging from making friends in school all the way to intimate relationships later on in life, gender identity can become an important aspect to ones future endeavors.
It is always said that boys and girls are complete opposites as they grow. Girls are seen to be more timid and laid back in physical natures whereas boys tend to be louder and constantly wanting to be physically active. Boys and girls are often treated as opposites growing up as well, when boys become fussy or a bit roughed up from play, a mother might not become as emotionally tender towards them whereas if a girl gets fussy or hurt in the same manor the mother might be more emotionally tending towards them. This is often seen by society as an average stereotype of girls being soft and timid as boys are rough and tough. Parenting and disciplinary ways can often influence a child’s gender identification. Parents are often looked to by their child as a gender role model, “Children see what their parents do. Children learn when they try to imitate their parents. For example: Children who watch their father do the dishes many times may think that doing the dishes is a male activity. On the other hand, children in single-parent families see their mother or father doing all the chores. Those children usually learn that males and females...

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...ny ways. Different bodies and different sex, but a learned gender. This gender allows this boy or girl to learn if they perceive themselves as a boy or a girl. Gender identification is the development of a child is a learned trait, not only from the nature vs. nuture in parenting, but also through our society and culture around us today. As we grow up gender is not what we see ourselves as but instead its what we do. Gender identification in children is an important topic in today’s society. It determines not just the outcome of our future offspring, but also the future of our society as a whole. The exact reasoning of gender identification and growth within children isn’t certainly known, but with future research and test on our future generation we may be able to interpret and find an actual realization as to why and exactly how children form gender identification.

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