Childhood Development During The Late 1800s Essay

Childhood Development During The Late 1800s Essay

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Childhood development in the late 1800’s and today differ greatly, all the way from birth to schooling. Rather we’re talking cognitive, behavioral, or physical there are clear and vast differences in all categories of childhood development. Some of these differences served as advantages for the children of that era, while some served as disadvantage.
One major example of a difference in childhood development in the late 1800s is schooling. During the time there was a growth in public schools, and attendance became a requirement, which were huge changes at the time even though we think little about such things today. There were also fewer books and other school supplies that we rarely think twice about having in our schools today. Discipline, in and outside of school, was much stricter and learning relied heavily on memorization. (Children 's Lives at the Turn of the Twentieth Century) While today children often complain about having to ride “stinky, crowded” school busses, there was no transportation to schools in the 1800s, meaning students were expected to walk up to five miles to school every morning, and once they arrived to school boys and girls often entered through separate doors of the school and were taught lessons separately. In our generation young children, and sometimes even older children, will often be surprised when or if they run into one of their teachers outside of school, however, in the 1800s teachers would sometimes participate in a practice known as “boarding round”. This practice involved teachers living with students’ families and move as often as every week. (McCarthy) These differences in schooling made a big difference in how students viewed school as compared to today. Today children often don’t apprec...

... middle of paper ... there was little time to play, learn, or develop their creativity. Many children also died or were injured from such hard work so I’m sure that living the rest of your life with life altering injuries had quiet an effect as well.
Not only did children experience very rare and poor education, sporadic times to be able to play, and hard and often times dull work but during the mid-1800s there was also a war going on. Due to the rough and dreary conditions many children’s lives were in it is not surprising that many young men, once they were old enough, jumped at the opportunity to become a solider. It may not have been safe but it was a way for them to escape constant routine and rules set by their parents. These young men quickly discovered how perilous war was and even how much more dangerous it was than their lives at home. (On The Homefront During The Civil War)

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