Essay on Childbirth Is An Experience That Women Worldwide

Essay on Childbirth Is An Experience That Women Worldwide

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Childbirth is an experience that women worldwide can understand. Although each journey is different there is no doubt that the whole process stays pretty close to the same path. Continuous support to the mother from a doula during labor has shown a positive impact on the whole experience. Doulas have been shown to reduce the risk of the mother having a cesarean as well as increase the likeliness of a spontaneous vaginal birth. A baby 's health can also be impacted, studies show that a five minute Apgar score is higher when a mother has a doulas support. Doulas provide methods for pain control that help avoid medical intervention. The use of a doula has been said to create a more positive labor and delivery for the mother because of the physical, emotional, and advocacy support that they received.

The Effects of a Doula During Childbirth
Pregnancy can be a scary thing for any mother. Every pregnancy is different of course, but the feelings that mothers have during this time show no prejudices. Whether she is a first time mom, a mother of three, a career woman, a teenager, single or married, the whole process from beginning to end is like a roller coaster ride of emotions. During the nine months that a baby is growing and developing inside, most mothers-to-be have some sort of support system. These are the people she can call in the middle of the night and ask if they think what she is experiencing is normal, the ones who attend doctor 's appointments, or plan a baby shower. A support system can consist of many different people: the father of the baby, a sister, the mother of the expecting, or a best friend, just to name few. Often times these are the people who accompany the mother in the delivery room. Labo...

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