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Child Workforce is Dangerous Essay example

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Child Workforce is a service where young children work instead of doing what children usually do when they are young. Child Workforce is when children work hard and work underground for a long period of time. Child Workforce is still happening today in China and other places. Children work for a certain amount of money an hour, 25 cents. Child Workforce is dangerous and prevents children from doing childish thing. Children need some kind of help when it comes to the Child Workforce. Child Workforce is very dangerous for children, because children can get hurt more quickly than and adult. Parents work day and night and some children work day and night as well, with their parents. Child Workforce is dangerous, because the children are too young,and they could get hurt, the children are not being able to have a regular childhood like other children.

Child workforce is dangerous, because children don’t want to work, but as children they want to play more. Children want to have a normal childhood like any other child. Some parents are against child Workforce, because it is so dangerous for there little kids to be working on some spots. Certain spots are more dangerous than any other spots. Some children worked in the underground rail roads, and anything could happen down there and they could get hurt. An earthquake could happen and can create a sinkhole and everyone that don’t get out in time could either get really hurt and could possible even die.The kind of jobs that they children do are, mining , manufacturing, different types of construction, and more. When the children are working, that is violating the children’s freedom and their human rights. Some of the children don’t re...

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...ot of the children worked in the underground railroads. Children worked in mining, manufacturing, and different construction services. Child were denied their education, children that were frequent victims of abuse by supervisors, co-workers, and outsiders. The violence that the children have been through are one of the five keys that are being addressed. Today there is still child labour going on in this world. There are more than 13 percent of children in the age group of 10-14 that are engaged in child labour. Worldwide there is 73 million children employed.There are even children under the age of 10 are working, but we can not tell how many children are working. Therefore I think that we should not have child labour, because it may harm children and robs them of their childhood.

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