The Child Welfare System Is Responsible Essay

The Child Welfare System Is Responsible Essay

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Every country has a Juvenile system and each one has different ideas on how they sentence the offender. Each country comes up with different punishments whether it be jail time, probation, and detention home or depending on the seriousness even death! In different countries, age is a big factor on whether they will be held criminally responsible or not. Age also determines whether they are charged as a juvenile or adult.
Finland handles their juveniles in a different matter than the United States. Any child under the age of fifteen that commits a crime is placed under the Child Welfare Act. This Act can also be applied to children between fifteen and seventeen. These children under the age limit can be investigated by the police, but their crimes cannot be dealt with in any criminal court. However, their offense can be subject to intervention or even civil damages. They, however, can be held for interview purposes for up to twenty-four hours but cannot be arrested.
The child welfare system is responsible mostly for finding jobs or housing and providing a vocational school. Sometimes if a child commits a serious crime they can be removed from the home and placed in foster care if a parent cannot provide the care they need. A social worker will make several visits for support and offer help. Financial aid can be offered for treatment and therapy for parents and child also they offer assistance to social groups or extra-curricular activities the child would enjoy. This system determines what is in the best interest of the child. This systems main goal is what is right for the child. They do not believe in punishing them but helping them and their parents.
Juveniles in Finland over the age of fifteen and under twenty-o...

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...rnment’s own survey says that about ten percent of juveniles are sexually abused. Suicide rates are high. Children are thirty-six times more likely to commit suicide in adult prison than juvenile detention homes. Placing them in an adult prison where there is no education or training for their future gives them no hope!
The United States to me sort of has a double standard when it comes to our youth and laws. Let me explain, the law forbids children under 21 to drink, marriage is reserved for age 18, and you can’t vote or join the military till 18. This is because the government does not think they can make a responsible decision because of maturity, but they will put a child in prison at the age of ten for a crime they think he was fully aware of doing? America is too quick to punish when we need to look for more means of intervention before the crime happens!

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