Essay on Child Support Positve and Negative Influence on Families

Essay on Child Support Positve and Negative Influence on Families

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Child support is a regular payment of a child whose parents or legal guardians that are being separated either by divorce or relationship. The person who usually pays for child support is usually fathers. It is mostly likely been agreed by the court or the couple in general that the mother will take care of the child and the father will still be in the picture but the child won’t reside with him unless stated by the court. Whoever the child is residing with the other parent usually pays for child support in some cases that might not be true, but it most cases it is. The parent with the higher income usually plays a factor with who will provide child support. Most child support payment plans are set up in court and agreed by both parents. In some cases you don’t need to go to court to settle a child support payment plan. The child support isn’t paid on time there are some serious consequences by law if the payment is not met. Today, I will be comparing two different states and their laws and regulations about child support.
First in Illinois, the number of kids you have with the person you are separating from will play a part in trying to figure out the payment plan. According to, if you have one child you are required to pay twenty percent of your net income and if you have two children you are required to pay twenty-eight percent of your net income. Net income in the state of Illinois includes all of your income except your deductions. Your deductions would include social security, union dues, state and federal income taxes ("Child Support Services Frequently Asked Questions", 2014). Also in Illinois parents might have to cover other expenses such as health care, education, extracurricular activities a...

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... In New York, they look at gross income and their deductions would be the Yonkers tax, and Medicare. Also the percentages varied differently in each state.
Child support can influence families in both negative and positive ways. One positive way is that the child doesn’t have to see their parents fight anymore since they are separated. But they negative affect is that the parents can be smack talking about one another to the child and it is most likely because of child support. How one parent didn’t pay on time or didn’t give enough money. I know this very well because my little nephew’s parents are divorced and I see my cousin talking about her ex-spouse in a negative way and most of the time it is because of child support. It’s great that our nation really cares about its children with being very strict about the laws and regulations regarding child support.

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