The Child Study Center Provides Me With The Opportunity At Observe A Toddler

The Child Study Center Provides Me With The Opportunity At Observe A Toddler

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The Child Study Center provided me with the opportunity to observe a toddler. The toddler that I observed was a young girl, A, that was two years old. During my observations she had her birthday and switched age ranges on the developmental checklists. I observed her developmental processes on October 24, October 31, November 7, and November 14 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.
The room I observed had three teachers in the room each time I visited. The room had at most six children present when I observed. During my observation time, I was the only observer for the Ants room. I enjoyed the ambiance of their room. The spaciousness of their playground was appropriate for the toddlers. Also, the motor room was an interesting feature the center possessed to engage the children and build on their physical development.
Furthermore, the focus child demonstrated advancement in her physical domain. According to the text, "As children become steadier on their feet, their arms and torsos are free to experiment with nee skills-throwing and catching balls, steering tricycles, and swinging on horizontal bars and rings" (Berk 308). In the running records, A demonstrated this feat when she ran around the motor room and engaged in running and catching the balls. In the running record, I noted that A ran frequently and was active with her peers. A’s physical development progressed between each observation visit.
Additionally, the discussion the class had about the physical domain was equally as insightful compared with the text. The opportunity the class had to discuss the physical domain and the challenges with writing about it helped to gain a deeper understanding. The discussion gave me the knowledge to comprehend and how to analyze A’s actions. The text...

... middle of paper ...

...etails the events helped me become a better recorder and analyze the child without making assumptions and sticking to the facts.
I enjoyed my field experience. I believe that spending the time in the classrooms helped to give me an insight to different classrooms. It also let me see the multiple ages and how they differed. The Child Study Center was a great place to complete my field experience and a great place to observe. The staff were accommodating and welcoming and the children were adorable. The case study I completed on A taught me more about her than what I originally thought about her. The more time I spent observing A, her actions, and reactions exemplified her developmental progress. The text, discussion, and Power Point slides enhanced my observational skills and helped me to analyze A and her behavior and determine her developmental rate of progress.

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