Child Sexual Abuse Is Not A New Issue Essay

Child Sexual Abuse Is Not A New Issue Essay

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Childhood, known to be one of the happiest stages of human life, where one is considered innocent and free from knowing any form of evil. Yet, what if someone else unjustly seized that innocence from that child? Sexual abuse in children is not a new issue; it has existed for years, and now in the U.S., has been increasing more and more as years’ progress. Every day, many children suffer traumatic events in their life such as a sexual abuse and are robbed of their innocence. As this epidemic continuous to spread around the world, many children are scarred with mental problems that carry through their adulthood. As protectors of children, we must come up with new ways and strategies to stop and prevent sexual abuse. We must become aware of the child sexual abuse issue by learning how it affects children, both, mentally and physically, in order, to help them and prevent future sexual abuse cases.
Sexual assaults against children continue to grow and as it continues to grow, many children are forced to suffer the traumatic effects of sexual abuse. In an article called, The Effectiveness of Psycho-Educational School-based Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training on Turkish Elementary Students, written by (Cecen, Ayse Rezan, & Ozlem, 2013) mentioned that, “… 27% of females and 16% of males experience at least one episode of sexual abuse during their childhood or adolescences” (725). As the article mentions, females experience sexual abuse more than males, and even though, the percentage may be a bit higher for females then men, the effects of going through a traumatic experience may be the same for both males and females. Researchers have found that children who experience such traumatic events in their childhood will experience mental ...

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...him/her with extreme mental and physical wounds. There is also another group of children, who pose a greater risk of being victims of sexual abuse, and they are children with disabilities. As the article called, Sexual Abuse of Individuals with Disabilities: Prevention Strategies for Clinical Practice, written by McEachern (2012), “Sexual abuse and victimization are experiences by individuals with disabilities in alarming proportions” (386). Research have discovered that there is an “alarming proportion” of numbers of children with disabilities who suffer sexual abuse, and at times this results in higher physical and emotional abuse. As the author mentioned, “…children diagnosed with behavioral disorders had the highest risk for abuse, 7 times higher for physical and emotional abuse and 5.5 times higher for sexual abuse than their nondisabled peers”(McEachern 387).

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