Child Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia Essay

Child Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia Essay

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Child Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia
The world today faces many problems that are being combated by many organizations, yet there are broad ranges of challenges that are waiting to be fixed up but the efforts are not producing great results. One such problem human trafficking has been affecting many lives through years but through recent decades human trafficking both sexually and labor exploitation have risen drastically. Especially, in Southeast Asia, where child sex trafficking is a constant trouble that needs help to be fix.
Human trafficking, the movement of people through force for exploiting them, originates to the start of human civilizations, though to a much lesser degree. For example, we see an early version of this in ancient Egypt with the workers forced to build the giant monuments of the pyramids. This act was normal to their culture due to the beliefs of their ancient ancestors. However, it was during the Age of Exploration when Columbus discovered America in the fifteenth century that we start to see human trafficking take its form. The discovery of the Americas launched the Columbian Exchange. Its effect indeed attributed the emergence of the African slave system. Again, during that time people did not saw such acts as inhumane because they experience such traditions for many years, where people were superior amongst others. However, human trafficking still persists in the twenty first century. Even though many countries prohibit human trafficking, this issue continues strongly throughout the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, where most of the trafficking occurs. In third world countries like Thailand and Cambodia, child sex trafficking rose dramatically during the last century. This unexpected boom in...

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...e throughout the world. Out of all the victims of human trafficking including child sex trafficking, only one percent have been rescued. There are many things we can do to help save the rest of the 99% of the victims and it all starts with wanting to end the atrocious act of human trafficking. Spreading the word and implementing new punishments for the offenders and creating more centers for the victims to overcome the experience can give some results to the future extinguish of “modern slavery”.

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