The Child 's Experience With Caretakers Essay

The Child 's Experience With Caretakers Essay

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I. The child 's experience with caretakers.
John resided with his grandmother; Ms. Johnson and mother from birth until the age of 4 years old. At, which time John’s mother was not consistently present, and was in and out of his life. At, the ages of between 7-8 years old, John moved to Minnesota with his mother. While, in Minnesota with his mother John was placed in a foster home for 6 months where he physically attacked and tried to stab his pregnant foster mother with a knife. The foster mother expressed that she was afraid of John and stated she “thought something was wrong with him.” John was then hospitalized (Health House) for 6 months after the incident with his foster mother. After, the stay at Health House John returned to his mother’s house and they relocated to Wisconsin. John started attending counseling for one year. During, regular counseling sessions John expressed that he would manipulate the counseling sessions to avoid self-disclosure. Eventually, around the age of 8 years old John was placed back with Ms. Johnson, and his mother did not relocate with him. His mother stated “she did not want him due to his behavioral problems”. Between the ages of 9 and 10 John moved back with his mother, which he was very happy about. Ms. Johnson stated, “she no longer wanted the responsibility of caring for him.” At, this time John witnessed his father abusing his mother and once again John utilized a knife to control his atmosphere by threatening his father with a knife. After, this incident John’s mother moved John back to Ms. Johnson’s house, which he resided there between the ages of 10 and 13. John’s two sisters were resisting at the grandmother’s house during the same time. John also had experience bed wetting in which h...

... middle of paper ... and developmental needs. Also, Ms. Johnson’s behavior has not be conducive to the positive development of John’s behavior. It appear has though each adult figure in John’s life, takes no responsibility for his behavioral problems. They assert all the blame for his behavior on him, even as an adolescent. Certainly, there were signs during John’s childhood that identified many at risk factors that would have attributed to John’s later behavioral problems. Ms. Johnson’s abuse of alcohol definitely affected her ability of being attune with John’s needs. Another, risk factor was John witnessing abuse and also being a victim of abuse. John’s parents were not attune with what the abuse he witness, would have on John’s behavior later. John’s parents can be identified as being self-seeking and self-absorbed, which would affect their ability to assist John with his needs.

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