Essay on Child Rearing And Family Structure Within The Hispanic Culture

Essay on Child Rearing And Family Structure Within The Hispanic Culture

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Culture Comparative Essay

Child rearing and family structure within the Hispanic culture is noticeably different than what is present in the mainstream Western culture of today. One apparent difference is in gender roles. There exists a vastly different expectation in Hispanic culture for males and females. The male is considered to be the independent breadwinner, and the head of the household. Accordingly, the female role is one of submission and provider of childcare. In contrast, it is more than acceptable in Western culture for a female to maintain a non-traditional role. Hispanic culture additionally differs from Western culture in the traditional makeup of the family. Within Hispanic culture the extended family plays a huge role in child rearing. Finally, another cultural disparity that is present between the two cultures was the type of punishment used by parents to correct their children for misconduct and misbehavior.
Gender roles differ across many cultures. My readings suggest the Hispanic culture gender roles are very common and strict. Starting early in life children are taught to follow the strict guidelines of their gender (American Home Resources, 2010). There exists three common gender specific scripts in Hispanic culture; females can either be “Marianismo” or “Hembrismo”, and, males are classified as “Machismo”. The two female roles differ greatly; “Marianismo” defines behaviors of women as being obedient, dependent and caring for their children. The “Hembrismo” role stresses a female’s strength to persist through life’s difficulties; however, this role is not accepted widely in their culture. The “Machismo” role describes behaviors of men as being dominant and independent. This role views the man ...

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...eresting. I personally agree with a vast majority of their culture guidelines, whether gender roles, family structure, or, punishment. I see their rules as creating a society that works well together with everyone understanding their unique place within the system. I feel their culture allows them to form a tight knit group that promotes a well functioning community. Undertaking this study, I believe I have learned to be more sensitive to different cultures. My cultural background may have a differing opinion compared to another; however, we all are on this earth to work together. To become the best Speech language pathologist and to aid as many people as I can I acknowledge the need to have a well-rounded perspective of different cultures. I must be patient with individuals of different cultural backgrounds to avoid offending anyone that I am offering service to.

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