Essay Child Protective Services: Excessive Punishment Case

Essay Child Protective Services: Excessive Punishment Case

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A family is referred to me because the parents have been using excessive punishment with their son and daughter. Whenever their children misbehave at school or at home the father beats them with a belt all over their legs and back and the mother does not beat them with a belt or other objects but she will slap them in the face if they are out of line or she will refuse to let them eat for a whole day if they do not do their chores or if they have a temper tantrum. The parents are wanting to change and find better ways to punish their children when they misbehave because they are at risk for losing their children to Child Protective Services if they do not change their forms of punishment. Both the Mother and Father were raised in a household where their parents used excessive punishment and they do not know any other way to punish their children. They also have no knowledge of the fact that they can change the behaviors of their children in a positive way by using the appropriate forms of extinction, punishments and reinforcements. I would then define, explain and give examples of extinction, punishment and negative reinforcement to the parents to make sure that this excessive punishments does not happen again. I would ask the parents what some of the triggers are and discipline problems that they are experiencing from their children to cause them to resort to using excessive punishments. I would then use those behavior problems such as temper tantrums and the children not doing their daily chores without being told to do so to be able to come up with an action plan to try and help the parents change those negative behaviors in their children in a positive way.

Punishment is defined as the process in which a behavior is followed...

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...ery helpful information for people who would like alternatives to spanking. (Project No Spank, 2014) (The Center of Effective Disipline, 2014)

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