Child Protection Efforts By Veronica String Boag Essay

Child Protection Efforts By Veronica String Boag Essay

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Fostering Nation? Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage written by Veronica String-Boag explores the oversights and the demanded promise of a century and more of child protection efforts by Canadians and their governments. String-Boag draws on a perspective that examines Canada’s marginalized youngsters between the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. The novel examines many different aspects about childhood disadvantage ranging from institutions, birth parents, state policies, and foster parents. This provides the audience with an endless reminder that the welfare of children cannot be separated from institutions and the community. But how well does String-Boag’s novel go about displaying the history of childhood disadvantage in Canada? Does it effectively draw over it’s audience? I can strongly state that String-Boag and her incorporation of kinship, surrogacy, the dilemma of childhood care, and other relating elements provides a strong insight into the history of childhood disadvantages and foster care. It is stated by the author as soon as the reader opens the novel that it is not a happy book. Instead it is a book that goes in depth towards underlining the historical issues facing the mainstream Canadian society and the structural inequalities that have caused a form of disadvantage for particular children who descend from a particular group. It is because of this extent that readers will encounter emotions of disbelief, astonishment, and utter displeasure enlightening them on historical issues that disadvantaged certain children from one another. It is through the contents of this book review that aspects of String-Boag’s novel will be showcased to persuade readers as to why it is a novel to be recognized...

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... as they unravel through the hidden forms of disadvantages that children faced throughout history. What distinguishes this book from others of it’s kind is that it includes a historical perspective which aims to not just cover the tragic events with happy stories, but instead expose them for what they are. Readers will be introduced to the profound impact that social inequalities posed on children and their families, while still giving light to the development of improved welfare systems and the over importance of caring labour. With aspects such as these, it is fair to say that Fostering Nation? Canada Confronts Its History of Childhood Disadvantage has the ability to live up to what is expected from it as readers become aware of the inequalities that posed a great amount of stress on families, causing for heartache and forms of separation between child and family.

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