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Child Obesity And Its Effects On Children Essays

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A frequent trip to a child’s, favorite restaurant, Burger King, usually ordering a kids meal with two burgers and a small fry, within 5 minutes, have consumed 37 grams of fat and 810 calories. This is a common occurrence in many fast-food restaurants all across the United States. Little kids complain until they can get some fast food, but after they eat, many don’t exercise enough to burn off the calories and fat they just consumed. I am interested in Child Obesity because my mother is a doctor and would very rarely give us “junk food” or fast food as little kids, but I now understand her reasons after researching how many kids are affected by child obesity and the consequences it has on their lives. Child obesity is a major problem with several factors that entice children to eat unhealthy, and there are numerous consequences that obesity has on children 's lives.
Child Obesity has begining to become major problem in the United States for the past 30 years with more than double of children that are obese and quadrupled in adolescents, according to Ogden, Carroll, Kit , & Flegal (2012, para. 1). Also according to Ogden, Carroll, Kit, & Flegal “In 2012, more than one third of children, and adolescents, were overweight or obese (2012, para. 1). With numbers across America spiking, childhood obesity is becoming a major problem. To understand why this is happening, some researchers have pointed to the T.V. as a major contributor of why many children are becoming obese. Sasha Harris-Lovett, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, researched the food industries advertising habits and found that, “Food companies would advertise to Latinos and African Americans if they advertised on Spanish-language TV and if they aired on channels whose ...

... middle of paper ... to become obese, it has hit home for me, one of my ten year old cousins has began to become overweight. He has become overweight from eating unhealthy constantly combined with very little physical activity per day. If nothing is done the amount of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes will soar, because of how many children becoming adults will be obese. Children will also discontinue their physical activity and less will play sports and be active in general. To make a real change for child obesity, many developments need to be changed in schools, including more physical education, and more movement while in class. Also, parents need to limit the amount of screens younger kids have per day, and kick them outside to play for more physical activity. You too should be worried for the younger generation or one day your little dumpling, well might be a little dumpling.

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