Essay on Child Marriage Should Be Banned

Essay on Child Marriage Should Be Banned

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“Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18.” ( day there is 28girls every minute being married off while still being children. These are children and should be treated as so, and be protected. At a young age children, should stay children instead of having to worry about what life will bring in child marriage. Child marriage should be banned it, destroys the bright future of a child forever.
Child marriage should be banned because children are innocent and have no understanding about living that life so young. “When my parents mentioned marriage, I had no idea what marriage even meant.”-Kamla, indian girl married at age 13 ( kids have not the slightest clue what marriage consist of at such an early age Marriage at an early age, can ruin a child not only mentally but physically as well as they try to transition from a child to an adult while still being a child. “Girls younger than 18 are at a formative stage of social and psychological development shaping their identities and perspectives.” ( that are married young usually have mental health implications which may include a sense of worthlessness, depression and suicidal thoughts.Children that endure child marriage also go through physical harm and dangers.Child brides are expected to have children soon after marriage, which can make them susceptible to pregnancy and childbirth trouble. In places with high infection rates, being married so young can make girls more susceptible to HIV.When children are married so young, their education and future is stolen away from them from the people that are suppose to care for them.
Child marriage messes up so many kids futures where they have the greatest opportuni...

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...ause they cant provide for them, there is other options instead of throwing out your daughter. Every child is valuable and deserves to live a childs life and have fun and just worry about being a kid instead of having a grow up while still yet a child. Each child should enjoy their child years, it only happens once and then real life hits, no child should be deprived of a childhood. Parents should step up and take responsibility for the life that they brought into the world. These countries that waddle in child marriage are some of the poorest because the cycle of poverty starts all over again as these two people joined together have to figure out to make finances work when they couldn’t even finish school to get a good job. Parents should let their children be children, their lives should be more valuable than any money they can get for marrying off their children.

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