Child Marriage: Growing up Too Soon Essay

Child Marriage: Growing up Too Soon Essay

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In the next ten years, more than 100 million young girls in the developing world will be forced to marry a complete stranger. All of them will be taken out of their home, afraid and unknowing of the life they will be placed into. They will not only have to leave their loved ones behind, but also their humanity. If laws were enforced to prohibit this life for young girls, as some countries have done, many people would simply ignore them. Despite the fact that the effects of child marriage cause abuse, unwanted pregnancies, and lack of education, religion and poverty among people in the developing world make it hard for organizations or rebellions to ever make a difference.
The effects of forced child marriage should be enough to stray countries from enforcing it, although that is not the case. Girls all over the world, especially in South America and India, have faced the struggle of living in a violent, abusive household away from their family. Girls Not Brides, a corporation against child marriage, states that, “Child marriage puts women and girls at particular risk of sexual, physical and psychological violence throughout their lives,” ( The United Nations Population Fund also says that, “Women who marry younger are more likely to be beaten and to believe that their husbands can justify it,” ('Marrying too young' 2012). Adding on to that, girls also are subjected to rape; 81% of child brides interviewed in Ethiopia described their sexual initiation as forced, and girls who are married before the age of 18 are more likely to experience domestic abuse than their unmarried peers. Because of gender inequality, girls are usually seen as weaker and property of their husband, so abuse and rape wasn’t viewed as ...

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...k of education, child marriage has obstructed their chance for a bright future. Even with that knowledge, the journey to ending it for good has been hindered by religion and devastating poverty, making it difficult for anything to really be done about it.

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