The Child Maltreatment Case Of Children Essay

The Child Maltreatment Case Of Children Essay

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There are even extreme cases where children develop psychopathic disorders or tendencies. Children who are abandoned and maltreated are essentially calloused to life. They do not feel empathy, guilt, and they do not understand right from wrong. Some children kill animals, speak of killing their friends or families, hurt others and or hurt themselves. These children are often depressed, egotistic, entitled, angry, resentful, fearful and have a lack of sense of belonging. These children do not trust and are not trusted because of their actions and psychopathic thoughts. But, does this mean that we should give up on these children and just lock them away? I looked for the answers in real life cases. Mostly these children can be helped and they can go on to live some sort of a normal life. On the other hand, some can turn out to be victims of the choices their parents have made. I studied a very unsettling case on an abandoned child which brings my last point into view.
The child maltreatment case that I studied, was the thrill killing case. The perpetrator was a young girl of the age 15. She is nothing more than a child but she killed another girl of the age 9. her name is Alyssa Dailen Bustamante. Bustamante was a very troubled child. Her father , Caesar Bustamante, was sentences for 10 years on charges of assault. So he was not there for Alyssa and neither was her mother, Michelle Bustamante. Michelle was not a physically abusive mother, but instead she was a mentally abusing mother. Michelle abandoned Alyssa. She was addicted to drugs and drinking. Alyssa would find her mother passed out and or high on the couch on several occasion. This was at the age of 6 when Alyssa remembers seeing her mother like that. experts say that childr...

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...ntion was given to her sooner.
In conclusion, as I have noted throughout this paper, children learn from the experiences they have. As does everyone. Experiences are the foundation of our lives and they make up who we are and who we grow up to be. What happens to these children who only experience the worse? They turn out to be children who are prone to perpetuating violence, criminal acts and maltreatment of others, both friends and family. These children turn out to be weary of trusting others, scared, angry, and sometimes even psychotic. But, I feel as though with the right kind of help these children can have the chance that they did not have before. Abandonment, neglect, abuse, and/or maltreatment does not have to define who these children are as adults. Even if they cannot achieve full normalcy in their lives, they can achieve something very close to that.

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