Child Learning Experience Was A Great One For Me Essay

Child Learning Experience Was A Great One For Me Essay

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This Parent- Child Learning Experience was a great one for me because I love helping children succeed in fun ways when it comes to education. The two families that I worked with was a joy and the best part is that I have the honor of severing thesis families on a daily basis.
The first family that I was able to sever was Nayeli and her mother Esmeralda. Nayeli is a four year old Hispanic preschooler. The classroom that she is in is a G.S.R.P, Head start blended classroom. Nayeli’s mother is from Mexico and was very happy when I let her know I was going to use her child for my class assignment because she has concerns about areas of her child learning. Our program recently had child parent teacher conference were we talked about her concerns of her child’s education. At the parent teacher conference is where the parent and I collaborated about the golds that we came up with for her child for this assignment.
The two goals that the parent and I collaborated best for the child was with the child learning her letter sounds and learn her shapes. The games I came up with to help Nayeli is Strawberry Vine and Shape Bingo. The strawberry vine game is a game that will help the child with her beginning sounds of the alphabet A-Z. The parent main goal was to have her child know how to sound out the letters of the alphabet because she wants her child to speak clearly in the english langue. The game is respectful of the family because I did the game around the mother’s interest and the child’s likes. Nayeli loves strawberries, while at school she is always in the house area making strawberry cake and ice-cream. With that being said, the way this learning experience is beneficial for this particular child is because she loves strawberries an...

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...It can also help with demonstrating awareness of number sense by matching the amount of dots in a set to the correct numeral. The numerals represent the number of objects in a set.
The way this game promotes positive interactions between the parent and child learning is that the game is a game of the child’s interest and the parent would need to be with the child to insure that the child is matching the cars with the right sets of dots. The game also has a way of being played by two people. The parent can play with the child as second player or have a sibling play the game with the child or vice versa. The way another person can play is they can call out a cars number and the child can count the dots to see which one matches. The parent also plays and important part of the game making sure that the child or children playing the game is getting the matches correct.

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