Child Labour Is Not Always Bad For Society Essay

Child Labour Is Not Always Bad For Society Essay

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There are few positive sides of child labour which can be discussed alongside its negative impact. It’s common picture that media and society always bring out negative side of child labour. Therefore, general people endure extremely bad perception regarding child labour. But amusingly there are huge amount of people in developing countries who supports child labour. Now you might be thinking that why the hell they support this generally hatred issue. Trust me child labour is not always bad for society, there are positive sides of it as well. Working child can help to society in many way, and I am going to prove how a jobs can bright that child or society future.

Alright, first of all hold on to your negative perception towards child labour and think, if child is capable of doing work, them why people are stopping them. Child labour can help in receiving good experiences from particular workplace. In addition, children can gain knowledge and learn skills such as communication or multi-tasking. This skills and knowledge can be useful for child future or society. Considering all this points, don’t you think child labour is helpful for society in a good way?

What I just pointed out on one even thought about it, but there are people against child labour. People might argue that children should not be allowed to work because for them at this tender age they should be provided with an education system that will make them occupationally flexible. Basically, they think education is important for the children future. At some point, may be they are right but as we know some children are fortunate enough to receive an excellent education because many families might be facing problem like poverty. Th...

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.... Some children are not privileged to receive an excellent education because of financial problems. So at least doing job can help in learning good things such as gratefulness of real value of money or how to work ethically. Secondly, income from working children can big impact on poor families. It’s not necessary only adult can contribute to the family income. Some woman’s are not allowed to work outside the house. No one have rights to stop a children, they can at best ensured minimum lifestyle with that income. Lastly, economic growth is most important thing for the country and guess what even child can contribute to it by working. Yes, some people go against it and say big business can also support but keep that in mind working child can help great to economy in future. Thus, child labour has positive impact on society in conjunction with its negative impact.

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