Child Labor: Nowhere Is Without Essay

Child Labor: Nowhere Is Without Essay

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Look down at your clothes. Who do you think made the shirt you’re wearing? How about your shoes? When you look at the tag on your shirt, you find the brand name, and nearly all the time you can tell what country it was made in. When you view the words Made in China, or Made in Vietnam, do you think about what that even means? If you look behind the brand name, go beyond the title, or the product, you spot the real manufacturers, children. Maybe, they’re working at a loom, or on an assembly line, perhaps they’re sewing or stitching, but the one thing you notice more than anything else is that they are working. Some of these children look young, maybe five or six, others are fifteen, but no matter the age, whoever they are, they are working.
The interpretation of the words, “Child Labor,” has changed vastly over the centuries ago it began. Furthermore, the use of child labor around the world has persisted and grown from the centuries ago it began. Regrettably, child labor can be found everywhere in the world and in a multitude of industries, and these industries are responsible for the many varieties of child labor. Also, throughout history, children have been used as a source of labor, building economies and supporting governments for thousands of years. It’s time to stop the laboring and the suffering of young men and women, but how?
Child labor occurs when any person under 18 years of age are forced to work, receiving little to no money at all. In countries where poverty is widespread and not uncommon, children must work. When facing starvation or lack of the basic human necessities, they work to support either themselves or their families. Consequently, children are often considered a better employee for severa...

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Striking Back: The Fight to End Child Labor Exploitation (Hardcover) by J. Dennis Robinson (ISBN: 9780756542979 / 0-7565-4297-9 Publisher: Compass Point Books Copyright: 2010) can be found at


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