Essay The Child Has A Great Imagination

Essay The Child Has A Great Imagination

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Overall, the child has satisfactory to pleasing social and cognitive skills whether it is interacting appropriately with other children including offering assistance to help them in any way he can if he perceives them to be struggling, count to twenty without help, and can role play. The child has a great imagination and does an exceptional job exploring and enhancing his ideas during play. The child enjoys using his imagination with materials provided to pretend to be someone else; this allows him to have an open mind and think logically. The child excels in the classroom but does not respect the authority figures in his household. The child can also be reminded that “sharing is caring” and problem solving such as using his words and not having melt downs is something that he can improve on. The child shows a great amount of joy and satisfaction when he accomplishes a task such as building a tower or completing a puzzle. He does a terrific job at expressing his emotions if he is upset or needs guidance towards his peers. When it comes to language and communication skills, the child is a phenomenal listener towards his peers and teachers and can follow direction without distraction or interruption. He understands when it is his turn to speak, can convey himself to other children as well as adults, and knows when to use his manners. Concerning the child’s physical development, he takes joy in outdoor play including riding bikes, playing catch with other students, playing soccer which increases his coordination, speed, and endurance.
I enjoyed conducting my observation and found it to be purposeful in looking for and identifying certain behaviours in the child. The observation technique I used when monitoring the child ...

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...elopment. The checklist are used in report cards to grade children which help to provide a clear and straightforward representation of where the child is at for both parents and teachers. It is a simple way for parents to see what their child’s strengths and weaknesses are and assists them in knowing what area’s they can help their children improve in. An advantage that I would deem as being the most significant in using this method is that there is far less of a chance of observer bias or judgement error and each child is given an equal amount of attention as the teacher is looking for specific elements. A disadvantage of this method would be that it provides a narrow view and lacks a number of details such as environmental factors, social factors; perhaps they demonstrate a certain trait because of the circumstances surrounding it such as who is around them.

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