The Child Exploitation And Online Protection Centre Essay

The Child Exploitation And Online Protection Centre Essay

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In prevalent culture, the term “sex sells” acts as a beacon in the minds of many young girls: What used to be just a simple terminological play on words to express the sexually explicit culture of magazines and the sale of fad products, is now being used in a literal sense. Teen girls have grown to believe that selling or “giving away” their sex has become the norm and saying no is now the equivalent of writer Sylvia Plath sticking her head in a stove, or in other words, committing social suicide. Many of these girls do not know that they are being sexually exploited because of this. They believe in their heads that they have no choice when it comes to performing these sexual acts and fail to realize they are being exploited by men (or women), which more often than not ultimately results in dire situations in the end.
On November 7, 2013, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) of the UK, internationally in charge of bringing child sex offenders, pedophiles, exploiters, and child pornographers to justice, released the public service announcement, "Exploited." "Exploited" shows us the story of a girl named Laurie and her friend Chloe, who is allowing herself to be used by boys for sexually explicit favors and how one simple message from a friend changed her life for the better. The PSA begins with Laurie playfully teasing her brother for having a girl over the way any teen would tease their younger sibling. Kicked out by her promiscuous brother and his girlfriend, Laurie goes to a convenient market where she meets a boy named Ryan who soon introduces her to Chloe and Marcus. Throughout the 18-minute short film, various men are seen convincing an awed Chloe into sex. The film ends with a tear-filled Chloe ex...

... middle of paper ... it for her without ever exploiting her face. The audience is given a sense that the CEOP has a creditable reputation and will protect them from harms way no matter the severity of the offense.
The "Exploited" PSA has been wake up call to many puzzled teenage girls about sexual exploitation and its risks. It 's use of intense poignancy and mentality gives the audience a sense of what it is like to be the victim, bewildered and shaken. This PSA urged many troubled teenage girls to come forward to the CEOP and led to the arrest of an endless number of predators and exploiters ranging between the ages of 16-65. Though sexual exploitation is still a major problem, there is now a place for teen girls (and boys) to go to seek help and safety. The CEOP still continues to benefit many adolescents today and aims to seek a terminus for child exploitation in the near future.

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