Essay about Child Development: Toddlers Observation

Essay about Child Development: Toddlers Observation

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This observation was mostly conducted behind a one way glass. I watched the children but they did not know I was there. The ages of the children served in that program were in the range of 18-36 months. Curriculum used in that program is considered Creative. Qualifications for staff must hold to work in this program is a Child Development Associate’s degree (CDA) or Bachelors in Early Childhood Education.
The kind of family involvement this program offers includes training, car seat safety, health dept. workshops, and home visit to help parents meet goals for their children. Parent volunteers are always welcomed. Room arrangement and choice of equipment are geared toward toddlers and their development needs. The room was open and allowed viewing of the children at all times. As the toddlers left their big square table they headed to the kitchen area also known as the Dramatic Play area for social time. It did not take them long to have everything pulled out and the teacher having them put things back up as she sings the song clean up from the Barney Show. The room consisted of a play kitchen and dress up area for pretend play with the teacher. They practiced dressing, feeding, and loving the baby dolls. They practiced cooking, serving and eating the pretend food. I loved watching the children play dress up. One male child carried around a purse as he shopped and another male child learned he had pockets. At this age children are considered object centered and this was defiantly seen during play time. Children love to imitate adults and this was true as I watched a female trying to talk on her pretend cell phone as she dealt with food in the microwave. Reading area with a living room environment where one ...

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...en became distracted by climbing; sliding and playing follow the leader on the play equipment. One male student chose to play ball by himself most of the time. After they made three laps it was race time. The teacher let them line up and counted one, two, three and they were off even the younger one joined in this activities. As the children ran the teacher encourages each one by name and they made it to the finish line with smiles and sideways look to see who might be watching. Everyone has a winner in this group. One child had a problem with their perceptual motor skill as one female bumped her head on the wall and wanted her “Mommy”. Once more the teacher was there so quick to see to the needs of this child.
What I found interesting was there was no TV, movies, or music playing. It was workers and children together playing as hard as they could play.

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