Essay about The Child Development Through Exercise

Essay about The Child Development Through Exercise

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Child Development Through Exercise
Throughout America only six states require physical education in elementary and middle school. Yet, Michele Obama pushes for beating the child obesity rate. In our society, obesity has become prevalent and it counts for more than one third of our children. There is a need of awareness for the benefits of physical activity in children to help motor skills, sensory skills, and the obesity rate. Also, specifications for aerobic and anaerobic exercise have set guidelines.
Most parents or teachers would say that children need exercise to burn off energy or to just get out of the house, but exercise for children goes much deeper than that. When children start to develop, their body releases growth hormones that produce skeletal growth and muscle hypertrophy and it increases the size and function of the heart and lungs (Fisher). Kids must engage in physical activity to increase the aerobic capacity, which is directly related to the efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory system (Fisher).
Bone Development
Physical activity and exercise training directly affects bone density in children. Bone density happens when they bear their own weight (Fisher). For this kind of bone development, high impact activities are recommended such as jumping, gymnastics, and sports that require moderate resistance training for ten to twenty minutes at a minimum of three times per week (Fisher). However, when encouraging smaller children to exercise they should engage in short burst activities such as tag games (Fisher). This is a very critical time in a child’s life because exercise benefits their body composition and it can prevent diseases later in life such as osteoporosis (Fisher).
Exercise scientists argue ov...

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...kills. A lot of the time, when children become stressful and angry they result to movement, this happens because the brain thrives on movement, so movement is what the child resorts to (Matthies). Kids rely on sensory input more often because in our society, everything is hands on, such as, TV, IPad’s or tablets. Inactivity is why children need to get out and move around, because they need to release all the built up energy. All the energy in a child’s body comes from protein. A child’s diet should contain protein for energy and it makes a great bed time snack because it restores the bodies lost nutrients and it makes kids full (Voss) (Matthies). In this case, protein gives kids energy and they need to release that energy by physical movement, which has a positive effect on depression, anxiety, mood, self-esteem, and higher academic performance for children (Telles).

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